Magdalena Mądra

Between the World is created
[A Being that has a reduced activity is quickly dealt with the Materiality]

Installation: magnets, metal balls and ropes, needle, copper wire and two photographs
Wrocław 2020

Thales of Miletus believed that a magnet had a soul, or life, because it set objects in motion. Other Greek philosophers explained the magnetic attraction as “sucking air” by magnetite, which was supposed to cause a specific vacuum and attract iron. Used since the Middle Ages to create buildings in accordance with the principles of feng shui and for navigation, along with the development of industry, it was used in many areas and in various ways, which led to the ongoing discussions about the harmfulness of an artificially produced magnetic field. Meanwhile, Hoimar von Ditfurth in his book “Children of the universe” beautifully tells how the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from the solar wind, which in turn shields the earth from cosmic radiation.

Fascinated by the properties of the magnet and its history, I decided to use it to tell about relationships and tension that creates the universe as well as the balance between the interacting particles. Attraction and repulsion, and so on alternately… Meanwhile, Cassiopeia sits in a chair in the sky and combs, electrifying, her hair, sometimes hanging unpleasantly upside down to the ground.