Magdalena Mądra

Collection of Fictitious Beings

X-ray film 13 x 18 cm exposed in the Mentor large format camera from the 1960s

Wrocław 2019 

The contents of this book would justify the inclusion of Hamlet, dot, paragraph, surface, hyperspace, any classifications, perhaps all of us, and also gods. All in all – almost everything. We have limited ourselves, however, to what is directly related to the notion of “imaginary beings”; it is a compilation, a textbook about strange creatures that the human imagination has conceived in time and space.
[Jorge Louis Borges, Book of Imaginary Beings, trans. Z. Chądzyńska, Warsaw 2000, p. 5; own translation]

The strength of human desires to make other worlds possible is unexplored. The presented creatures were created from the combination of the human figure and what was thrown out of the garbage, resulting from the overproduction of the modern world. The collection is endless and as potential as the sea of unnecessary things that surrounds us and the multitude of human imaginations. The collection is endless and as potential as the sea of ​​unnecessary things that surrounds us as well as the multitude of human imaginations.

My beings only live for a moment, but the X-ray material used not only makes it more probable, but even attests to their existence. The tour guide in this theatre is Louis Borges.