Magdalena Mądra

Column chart of ups and downs

Installation: cartons, hunting rug, striped fan motor, three-phase inverter, 12V relay with time system, wiring

Presentation method: working, fragmentary video recording of the prototype version of the object, Full HD, 4’01” (initial fragment 0’40′ with sound)

Wrocław 2021

Unnecessary after satisfying needs and desires of content recipients cartoons are told with a string and combined with worn out, dismantled devices. I enter this circuit in the exhausting economy of ineffectiveness, constant and ineffective attempts. Here is the real „curated decay” (term of Caitlin DeSilvey), no – admission to the voice of materiality of objects against their maintenance – but applying for their transformation and annihilation. A launched monument with a woodworking wall, rags and chemical additives, gets up after wishing to the gesture of my aggregation for its construction.