Magdalena Mądra

Der Vater der persönlichen Vorzeit
[Father of personal prehistory]

Manifestative weakness of the expression weaving between imperfect images and full of doubts memories

Installation: photos, fragments of photos from the family album transferred to various substrates, prints, concrete castings and plaster forms

Wrocław 2020

Work based on deconstruction and stretching of remembered images according to the phenomenological understanding of time. There is a right to quote here from views known from experience and borrowed. The breakdown of the memory corresponds to a return to the pre-symbolic, fragmented image of oneself before the “mirror phase” in Lacan or the “Oedipal” in Freud. Building a scenography for a sensory experience is an attempt to counterbalance the virtualisation of the visual experience. Learning to walk becomes a metaphor for what has to be ‘passed’ to ‘see’.