Magdalena Mądra

ceases the flapping of wings in the butterflies catches

4k video with sound / radio drama combined with viewing a photo
duration: 05:02:15
Polish language

Photographer Anselm: Davit Baroyan
Farmer Ignacy: Rafał Dębski
Anula: Janina Tomczyk
Stasia: Józefina Tomczyk
Helena (Ignacy’s older sister): Kamila Klamut
Anna Maria (wife of Ignacy): Ekaterina Egorova
Ludwika (neighbor): Aleksandra Kugacz-Semerci
Narrator : Magdalena Mądra

Audio cooperation: : Szymon Tomczyk

Wrocław 2021

“One needs to stop looking at the photograph and instead start watching it” – the sentence written by Ariella Azoulay in the book “The Civil Contract of Photography” confirmed my decision to carefully look at the photo that fell out of the photo album of a close person. I established a few facts related to the history of the image, but I was captivated by imagining the moment when it was created [which made me considerably far from the concept of the Israeli researcher].  

The fragmentary viewing of the photo reminds me of the “pars pro toto” derived from the classical rhetoric, and its individual elements move further, beyond the sphere of imaging. The two halves of the unraveled animal bring to mind symbolón and wings of the butterflies, the flapping of which symbolizes a tender dependence on the initial conditions. The work is a question about fullness and incompleteness, about how to go back to the whole from a fragment and vice versa, how to zoom without losing the broader perspective. Is it really possible to look closely at the parts to guess the condition of the whole organism?