It starts quietly. Set the volume to the middle of the range

HD movie
duration 00:04:49
language: Polish
voice: Jacek Zawadzki
Wrocław 2022

I wanted to enter a different temporality, to the center of its gravity, and find there space for unlimited peregrinations. In fact, I was faking this desire, escaping from topics that ricocheted back in a language that did not allow me to rest. Once I dreamed of traveling to the East (the reference to Hesse is not accidental), meanwhile I walk around digital biodiversity of post-desk connectivity, based on non-renewable energy sources. The pieces of images push each other and run away in an algorithmic direction. In the spiral of weightlessness, I did not follow the Tao, and the Buddhist art of disappearing did not find a Daedalus in me. I will go to the border. We have to act, tame the wayward edges. Let wandering images, people and non-people with a hyphen go where they are going.