One must One can

wideo HD with sound
duration: 00:04:16
language: Polish

Wrocław 2022

To the dummy-formulated question “what is more important to you: to know or to feel?” there are answers focused on opposites. Faith or distrust, feelings or lack thereof, knowledge as an antidote to confusion, and of the three, choice is the most important. Meanwhile – as we well know or only feel – everything takes place alternately and concurrently. In the world of photography, where we cannot see what is black (0) and what is white (255), the picture emerges between the poles of lack of information. His contemplation depends on you.

The short (although repeated indefinitely) piece is a variation on what can be seen, understood, felt, believed, without treating any of these activities as exclusive. Archival photographs combined with generated views and animations of words and meanings flow in a stream that sometimes turns upstream.