Magdalena Mądra

The first drops for the Dead

4k movie with sound 
duration: 03:57:03 
Polish language
audio collaboration: Sam Alty 
Wrocław 2021

“I take” used and broken items not to the garbage can, but slightly beyond the state of unnecessary. In the hustle and bustle of buying and throwing them away, I look for a hospitable place for them, which at the same time becomes not very aesthetic. „Those who explore the fringes and the matter that comes out of them represent a society of abundance that is not afraid of anything or, on the contrary, an extremely exhausted civilization, looking for new frontiers” – with this opinion of Jolanta Brach-Czajna, who has recently passed, I started and finished, in a stormy sea of ​​indispensability and indignation. „To Europe, yes, but only with our dead” – the title of Maria Janion’s book comes to my mind. I have to translate what I wrote about the disease of things that have the ambition to describe the whole world. Not throwing out rubbish and forgetting from memory is a choice against the selection of materials in constant change.